Yet Another Compulsion

I have always been known for my random compulsive personality, so it doesn't really come as a shock to anyone I know if I start doing anything unusual. And lately, as in the past six months, I have adopted a new, odd habit to add to the long list that already existed. One that has actually come out of the blue. 

But anyway, I have this thing about plug sockets. I just can't bare to see the switches on when they are not being used. And God forbid me coming across one with nothing plugged in.

During the day, I literally have everything off bar the TV and fridge. And if I charge my phone, then the second it is completed I take it out. It comes quite naturally now when alone in my flat. But when my Da comes to stay, that is when I notice just how much it bugs me. 

In my bedroom I have a TV, DVD player and cable set up towards the same socket. I never watch DVDs, so I leave it unplugged. The cable works once in a blue moon because of bad signal, so again, unplugged. But my Da is the type who will put them all in just to get the TV on. Never mind taking just a minute to see which is the correct lead. So three things on when he is using just the one. Drives me absolutely insane. He thinks it's funny when I moan at him for it. I kinda see why... it is a bit silly. But on the other hand, after being told several times not to do something, it would be a good idea to listen.

I suppose I get him back when he continuously stands over the kettle waiting on it to boil, or the cooker, waiting on his sausages to fry. Then finally realising he is getting nowhere because they are not even plugged in! 

When back at my home in London it gets worse. I took a picture of the extension lead in my brothers room. These are on all day every day. Don't even start me on how much I have the urge to yank it all out!

Anyway... I am very normal :)


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