Because you totally wanted to know, right?

100 facts about little old me :)

1) Newcastle United are my absolute everything
2) I have a huge issue with my age
3) I no longer have a gall bladder
4) At the age of 14 I became a qualified referee
5) I love fish... the alive kind
6) I think I am proper hilarious 
7) I am very passionate
8) I love wearing shorts... no matter how cold.
9) My laugh is brilliant
10) I am a tomboy
11) Newcastle Upon-Tyne is where I want to end up.
12) My voice is weirdly popular with males
13) I lived in Dublin twice and went to school there
14) Getting to sleep at night is a chore. Sleeping during the day - easy!
15) My posture is awful and I'm always being told off about it
16) I work in New York in the summers 
17) I am a terrible, terrible cook
18) I am such a defeatist
19) Up until recently I would have bread with pretty much everything I ate
20) I make the best bubble baths
21) West Midlands bus service makes me furious!
22) I've recently decided to wear high heels more
23) I'm qiute easily the most complex person known to man
24) I can't be around people who smoke. 
25) My favourite animal is a giraffe
26) Cucumber, honey and cardamom pods make my stomach turn
27) I can't explain my love for broccoli
28) People falling over make me laugh until I can't breathe. So harsh, I know
29) I am highly anaemic
30) I have yet to fnd out the reason why I have collapsing fits reguarly
31) I wear my heart on my sleeve
32) I am very easily pleased
33) Yellow and beige look hideous on me
34) I was named after Bob Dylan's wife
35) People torment me with 1ps and 2ps because they make me gag
36) I am always the comedian of the group
37) My Da thinks I am fluent in German just because I took it as a GCSE
38) I have an endless list of regrets
39) I wasted almost two years of my life not socialising with anyone
40) My womb is upside down
41) I really hate the way I look and would especially love to be 2 inches taller
42) Blokes have always been easier for me to get on with
43) I never have, nor will, take drugs
44) I have an unhealthy amount of dreams about my teeth falling out
45) I have a random little hole in my right leg
46) For an unknown reason, I have taken to dislike Texas
47) Materials don't interest me in a man. Humour and honesty, do.
48) I have an addictive personality
49) I'm a complete snob when it comes to photography.
50) I was the first in my class to be able to tell the time
51) I have been in a hot air balloon
52) Females with no clue about football, but act like they do, infuriate me
53) I have watched Newcastle play in at least 35 different football stadiums
54) I tend to always like the least popular or gay guy from a band or movie
55) I am very defensive
56) I am addicted to buying nail varnish
57) My sneezes have always been likened to a puppy
58) When I am not in England I am very patriotic.
59) I have met a silly amount of celebrities
60) I do not believe in fairy-tales
61) Dust gives me a rash
62) My sense of humour is the best
63) I carry Johnsons hand cream with me everywhere
64) The more I go on fun fair rides, the more scared I get
65) I am insanely soft. I cry at everything
66) I give great advice that I wish I would take myself
67) To say I am not a morning person, is a quite the understatement
68) I love children 
69) The past couple of years have seen me become more impatient
70) I am not ticklish
71) I learnt a lesson a few years ago. And now chose my friends very wisely
72) In my teens I always wanted my nose pierced. 
73) My mood can change in a split second
74) I don't really eat much meat. And hate it on pizza
75) I am incredibly creative
76) I am claustrophobic and my reaction to it is fury
77) I find it a turn on when a guy uses perfect grammar.
78) People think I am really confidant, when actually I am incredibly nervous.
79) I've always wanted to visit Egypt & have a honeymoon in Mexico
80) I think about things in too much depth
81) I'm not into competing with other girls
82) I find it pretty much impossible to take a compliment
83) I have only ever been on one date
84) I am a really, really nice girl
85) I am cheeky
86) Loose hair makes me feel sick
87) It's very rare that someone will meet and not like me
88) I am terrible for procrastinating
89) I love globes and maps of the World
90) Sarcasm is one of my favourite things
91) I'm a big kid
92) The thought of me being a housewife is hilarious
93) I love time to myself
94) My Da used to call me 'Pot Noodle King' on account of how many I ate
95) As a child I think I took lessons in every instrument there was
96) If you invite me out in a few days, whilst I'm in a bad mood, I'll decline
97) I have a lot of hats, my truckers are my favourite
98) I overuse the words 'proper', 'absolute' and 'actually' 
99) Boredom and I are not a good mix 
100) Boredom made me do this

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